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Use our carpet cleaning services in Irving, TX

Do you need a reputable carpet cleaning company in Irving, TX because you want to improve the quality of the indoor air? Maybe you need upholstery cleaning? Whatever the case may be, Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning is the specialist you should choose. Here is more about what I offer.

Carpet Cleaning

My Services

I’m one of the best home carpet cleaners you can find, and I also offer tile and grout cleaning, carpet water damage restoration, and carpet repair. Besides, I clean upholstery. Visit my Services Page for more information. Turn to me so you can:

Increase Carpet Longevity

Although carpets can bring aesthetic appeal and comfort to a home, it’s essential to take care of them. Along with a consistent routine of good habits such as vacuuming or spot cleaning immediately after a spill, investing in having your carpet cleaned by a professional comes with many advantages regarding your carpet’s shape and health. If you think that vacuuming is enough, you should check the reasons why hiring a professional carpet cleaning service provider is the perfect thing you can do.

First of all, chances are you don’t have professional and specific carpet cleaning methods and techniques, such as those that an expert has. Believe it or not, you can quickly improve the indoor air quality in your property if you benefit from the assistance of an expert carpet cleaner. With my carpet cleaning service, I can also increase the longevity of your carpet.

How I Work

I provide my clients with professional carpet fixing and cleaning services using only high-quality tools, equipment, and a lot of precision. With more than enough years of experience in the field, I can improve the indoor air quality of your property and the longevity of your carpets.

Call us at (214) 919-8192 to take advantage of our impeccable carpet cleaning services!

Are you looking for a professional wool carpet cleaning service in Irving, TX? Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning is the company that can provide it. Contact me today!

Client’s Testimonial


Have tried DIY carpet cleaning methods for years until about five years ago & will never go back. Not only are my carpets unbelievably cleaner but the speedy & helpful service are unmatched. Thank you for all that you do!

Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning
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Phone: (214) 919-8192
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