Basic Tools Used in Carpet Fixing Services

With the variety of designs available and the added durability, carpets have become the preferred flooring materials by most property owners. If it gets damaged, repairs should be right away done by the licensed carpet contractor. We might be familiar with hiring carpet experts that can work on our budget, but only a few know the basic carpet fixing tools they utilize. We should be familiar with these tools for us to understand why the job should only be done by professionals:

Linoleum Knife

This tool cuts the carpets according to the size and area of the floor. It is a hook-shaped blade attached to a solid rubber handle. This helps the experts remove the damaged carpets on the staircases and near the baseboards. Just like a kitchen knife, this tool also requires sharpening once it gets blunt.

Power Stretcher

The most common tool used for carpet repairs. It stretches the carpets for them to fit well on the edges of the walls or baseboards. With the help of this tool, seams caused by installing trimmed carpets are eliminated. Most of the carpet contractors use those with a knee kicker to achieve the carpet’s neat and fluffed-up look.

Carpet Seam Roller

Another tool used in carpet fixing is the carpet seam roller. It is used to meld pieces of carpets together after the seaming process. This helps improve the carpet’s color and wear-and-tear. Since this tool is expensive, purchasing one so that you can repair the carpet by yourself is not advisable.

All carpet professionals must have these tools to complete the task on time and avoid aggravating the damage. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning is the expert you can rely on when it comes to high-quality carpet fixing services for properties in Irving, TX. To know the rates I offer for my services, you can give me a call at (214) 919-8192 today.

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